FREE Detector Evaluation

Over a period of time, your EDS detector performance will degrade due to reduced cryostat vacuum and/or window or crystal contamination. AAT will help you determine the level of degradation and recommend the most effective solution to achieve the expected analytical performance. We can provide instructions to enable you to run your own performance checks and follow it up with expert evaluation at AAT free of charge.

FREE Detector Evaluation includes

SDD upgrades

AAT now offers the PulseTor line of high performance silicon drift detectors, capable of being adapted to most existing X-ray microanalysis systems without modification. Contact us for price and delivery.

Repairs and Performance Upgrades

AAT utilizes state-of-the-art Crystals, FETs, Windows and Preamplifiers from independent component suppliers who are dedicated to their respective technologies. This insures our continued access to the latest and most reliable critical detector components.

Si (Li) Crystal - AAT will replace your crystal, if defective, with a 3 mm thick, full 10 mm2 or 30 mm2 Si (Li) crystals with state-of-the-art resolution.

Preamplifier - AAT can configure replacement preamplifiers and cables to match your current electronics, insuring full compatibility.

FET - AAT’s low noise Field Effect Transistors with electronic restore technology and integrated on-chip architecture insure that the best performance is achieved from the crystal.

Windows - A range of X-ray windows can be supplied and fitted, from thin Beryllium to the latest polymer windows for light-element detection.

AAT will repair or upgrade detectors from all EDS manufacturers. Turnaround time is 3 to 4 weeks, guaranteed.

Rebuilding Service

Service Contracts

To insure that your detector remains at its highest performance levels, AAT offers detector service contracts at reasonable prices. Please contact us for more information regarding service contract qualification, details, and pricing.